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N8488A Agilent RF Sensor


The N8488A is a used 40 GHz 0.1 Watt RF Sensor from Agilent. Electronic test equipment sensors measure the power of waveforms, such as multi-tone and modulated radiofrequency (RF) waveforms. Sensors gather highly accurate modulation measurements using diode detectors.

Additional Features:

  • EEPROM to store cal factors eliminates manual entry
  • Wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 67 GHz (Not warranted spec from 67 to 70 GHz)
  • Wide dynamic range from -35 to +20 dBm
  • Best-in-class power linearity of less than 1%, excellent SWR of mismatch uncertainty and highly accurate power repeatability
  • Accurate calibration and traceability to US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • SCPI codes compatibility
  • Compatible with EPM (N1913/14A, E4418/19B), EPM-P (E4416/17A), P-Series (N1911/12A) power meters (Firmware upgrade required)
  • Note: All N8480 series power sensors are not compatible with the Agilent 43x, E1416A, N8262A power meters, 5314x microwave counters and E7495x base station test set

The Agilent N8488A power sensors have the widest frequency range in Keysight’s family of N8480 power sensors. Each of these new sensors allow users to calibrate the power sensor without manually entering the calibration factors in to the power meter. Similar to the rest of N8480 power sensors, the new N8488A power sensors are designed with excellent accuracy, linearity, repeatability, and SWR.

Accurate, repeatable measurements

Here’s how: Excellent linearity (1% approx.) and noise specifications. The sensors’ low SWR further enhances accuracy by minimizing mismatch uncertainty. As if this weren’t enough, these sensors also come with dual-range power for greater sensitivity to fluctuating signals, in particular. With high accuracy and stability, the N8480 helps you test confidently, faster.

Calibration-easy testing

During test, calibrating your sensor is an essential step, yet it shouldn’t be taking too much of your time and effort. With the N8480 sensors, there’s no need for cumbersome keying-in of calibration factor (CF), nor concern for manual input errors. That’s because CF, linearity and temperature corrections are all stored in the sensors’ EEPROM—auto-downloaded on calibration. Efficient calibration procedure makes for efficient testing overall, with N8480.

One sensor, WIDEST range

Pick an N8480 sensor—any one—and you’ll see how its wide dynamic range equip you for various applications: metrology labs, radar, mobile radio, TDMA, GSM, W-CDMA and WiMAXTM, among others. With up to 55 dBm wide dynamic range, the N8480 Series offers you the widest thermocouple sensor power range in the industry.

System integration can be a pain, but not with the N8480

The N8480 Series sensors are backward compatible with Agilent’s leading range of power meters, including the P-Series, EPMP Series and EPM Series. All that’s needed is a simple firmware upgrade that’s downloadable from the website, for free. Code-wise, 100% of SCPI codes used on the E-Series sensors are re-usable on the N8480, and this includes most of the ones used on the 8480 Series. For code migration from the 8480 Series, CFT options of the N8480 sensors and these will behave much like the 8480 Series sensors they replace.

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