N9917B Agilent Keysight HP Network Analyzer



  • Base model includes cable and antenna analyzer.
  • Expand capabilities with vector network analyzer and spectrum analyzer options.
  • Capture elusive signals with 100 MHz gap-free, real-time bandwidth.
  • Measure all four S-parameters simultaneously with 115 dB dynamic range.
  • Make accurate spectrum analyzer measurements (± 0.3 dB) without warmup.
  • Perform over-the-air measurements for 5G NR and LTE.
  • Use GPS/GNSS for geolocation and timestamping.
  • Carry one lightweight  unit at 3.4 kg (7.4 lb)


  • 18 GHz

The N9917B is a 18 GHz network analyzer from Agilent Keysight HP.

More Information
ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
Frequency18 GHz
010Vector network analyzer time domain Requires 210, recommend 211
030Remote control capability Requires an iOS device or an Android device
208USB power sensor measurements versus frequency Requires 302
209Extended range transmission analysis (ERTA) Requires 233 and 210 1, recommend 307
210Vector network analyzer transmission/reflection
211Vector network analyzer full 2-port S-parameters Requires 210
2121-port mixed-mode S-parameters Requires 210 and 211
215TDR cable measurements
233Spectrum analyzer
235Pre-amplifier Requires 233
236Interference analyzer and spectrogram Requires 233
238Spectrum analyzer time gating Requires 233
302USB power sensor support
307GPS receiver
308Vector voltmeter Requires 210 and 211 for full VVM functionality
309DC bias variable-voltage source Recommend N9910X-713 cable
310Built-in power meter
312Channel scanner Requires 233
330Pulse measurements Requires 302 and USB peak power sensor
350Real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) Requires 233, recommend 235
351I/Q analyzer Requires 233
352Indoor and outdoor mapping Requires 233, 307, and at least one of 312, 360, 370, 371, 377 or 378.
353IQ streaming Requires 233 and 351
355Analog demodulation Requires 233
356Noise figure measurements Requires 233, 235, 309 and accessory cable N9910X-713
358EMF measurements Requires 233. Also requires triaxial isotropic antenna.
361EMI measurements Requires 233
370Over the air LTE FDD measurements Requires 233 and 307, recommend 235
371Over the air LTE TDD measurements Requires 233 and 307, recommend 235
378Over-the-air (OTA) 5G NR measurements Requires 233, B10, and 307, recommend 235; N991x/3xB models require external mixer for FR2 frequencies above 26.5 GHz
B04Bandwidth, 40 MHz Requires 233. Recommend 350, 351 or PathWave VSA (formerly 89600 VSA) software
B10Bandwidth, 100 MHz Requires 233. Recommend 350, 351, 378 or PathWave VSA (formerly 89600 VSA) software
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