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NSG651 Schaffner Pulse Generator


The NSG651 is a used Pulse Generator from Schaffner. A pulse generator is a piece of electronic test equipment that engineers use to generate rectangular pulses. An electromagnetic pulse generator is best for digital, not analog, circuits. Engineers can inject pulses into a piece of equipment under test as a stimulus as they test the device, using pulses to confirm the equipment’s proper operation.

Additional Features:

The Schaffner NSG651 High Energy Pulse Generator supplies hybrid pulses of 1,2/50 µs (open circuit) up to 6,6 kV respectively 8/20 µs (short circuit) up to 3,3 kA.  The typical Telecom pulses 10/700 µs and 100/ 700 µs are described in CCITT standard K17 and K20. Some other standards require the faster pulse transition of 0,5 µs. All functions are controlled and supervised by an internal microprocessor. The generator itself is controlled by an IBM compatible PC (not included). As an alternative, the generator may be integrated into an automated test system.

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