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OPS2000B Kepco DC Power Supply


The OPS2000B is a 20 W, 2000 V, 0.01A, DC Power Supply from Kepco.

Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 0-2000 V
  • Current: 0.01 A
  • Power: 20 W
  • Voltage: 34.0 ohms / 100 mH
  • Current Mode: 500 Mohms / 0.01 µH
  • A-C Input Power: 105 to 125V a-c or 210 to 250V a-c, 50 to 65 Hz single phase. Approximately 75 Watts
  • Designed for adequate convection cooling through the wrap-around, perforated case
  • Isolation: A maximum of 1000 Volts (d-c or p-p) can be connected between chassis and either output terminal

The Kepco OPS2000B is an ac source powered device which can be utilized as dc high voltage/low current sources or, operationally programmed, as unipolar power amplifiers. Integrated circuits in the OPS "front end" contribute very low offsets and allow accurate tracking of all input signals. The Kepco OPS2000B features sharp crossover between the voltage and current operating modes, ensuring accurate limiting over the full output current range and completely short circuit proof operation. Low output shunt capacitance permits rapid voltage programming in the voltage mode and fast load voltage recovery in the current mode of operation.

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