P6041 Tektronix Cable

The P6041 is a cable from Tektronix.
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  • BNC Probe Cable
  • Interconnect Cable

The P6041 Probe Cable provides the connection between the CT1 and CT2 Current Transformers and a BNC oscilloscope input. A 50 ? termination is required to terminate the cable when connected to a high-impedance (1 M?) oscilloscope input. One probe cable can be used to monitor several current transformers that have been wired into a circuit. The P6041 cable used with the CT1 and CT2 is 42 inches nominal. If additional length is required, the cables can be extended by using high-quality 50 ? cable and suitable interface connectors. (Also see Special Probe Cables, Optional Accessories.) Long cables may degrade high-frequency response.

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