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P6133 Tektronix Voltage Probe

The P6133 is a used Voltage Probe from Tektronix. Use an electrical probe to test equipment and measure currents and voltages. Probes are an integral part of any electrical power testing toolbox to ensure accurate measurements, reliability, and safety. Use a high-voltage probe meter for voltages of 0 to 40,000 direct current (VDC).

Additional Features:

  • 150 MHz
  • 10X
  • For 2400 Series Oscilloscopes
  • Small Geometry Tips - Easier Circuit Access
  • Readout for 10X Attenuation Factor - Reduces Confusion and Errors in Measurement Readings
  • Flexible Lightweight Cable - Easier to Use and Reduces Mechanical Stress to Device Under Test
  • HYBRID/SMT Circuitry - Provides Improved Performance and Reliability
  • Modularity - Provides Lower Cost of Ownership

The Tektronix P6133 is designed for the 2400 Series Oscilloscopes.

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