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P6139B Tektronix Voltage Probe

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The P6139B is a new Voltage Probe from Tektronix.

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  • 500 MHz Probe Bandwidth
  • Large Input Impedance at the Probe Tip 10 MOhm, 8 pF
  • Compensation Range: 8 pF to 18 pF
  • Cable Length: 1.3M
  • 10X Attenuation Factor
  • 300 V CAT II Input Voltage
  • Compact Probe Head for Probing Small Geometry Circuit Elements
  • Small Probe Body for Enhanced Visibility to the Device-Under-Test
  • Replaceable Probe Tip Cartridges
  • Large Accessory Set for Versatile Connectivity

Standard Accessories

  • Long ground spring (2)
  • 6" alligator ground lead (1)
  • Standard hook tip (1)
  • Universal IC cap, 3.8 mm (1)
  • Marker band set, 2 each of 5 colors (1) 
  • Adjustment tool (1)
  • Manual (English only)


  • P6139B features the TekProbe Interface for Direct BNC Connection for Oscilloscopes with 1 MOhm Inputs
  • Integrated Oscilloscope and Probe Measurement Systems Feature Intelligent Communication that Automatically Scales and Adjusts Units on the Oscilloscope Display


  • Low Power Devices
  • Service
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Test Research and Development

The Tektronix P6139B probes are high bandwidth, high impedance 10X passive voltage probes with 10 MΩ input resistance. These probes feature a small probe head and sharp tip that makes it easier to probe dense circuitry.

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