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P76TA Tektronix Adapter

The P76TA is an adapter from Tektronix.
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  • Adapter for the P7600 series
  • 30 GHz Bandwidth


  • 30 GHz Bandwidth Coaxial Adapter
  • 50 ? to 450 ? 

The Tektronix P76TA is a solder adapter that allows the P7630 probe to use existing Tektronix P7500 probe tips. The P7600 Series probe amplifiers have a 50 ? input. When combined with a P7500 probe tip, the probe turns into a passive Z0 style probe with 450 ? of differential input impedance. While Z0 probes can typically present a significant DC load to the device under test, the P7600 Series probes will minimize the effect of DC loading through the use of termination voltage adjustment.

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