P90.1 PEFT JR. Haefely EMI Equipment



  • Control unit for the PEFT JR

The generator comprises the following parts: microprocessor unit P90, contains all the control elements of the PEFT Junior.

The P90 microprocessor is the interface between the user and the generator. It controls all the functions of the PEFT Junior.

The LCD display has two user accesseable layers, the first is to display parameters and test sequences, the second displays the operational conditions during a test.

The P90 microprocessor controls all the PEFT Junior functions. Using the P90, test sequences can be written, saved, recalled and edited.

The P90 controller, can be operated by a remote device. The data is composed of parameter commands plus handshake information. Control commands sent to the P90 are held in a buffer of 128 characters. The memory can be used in two ways. The first uses 98 characters as a buffer memory. The other accepts program blocks until an end of block character is recognized.

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