PA920 Vitrek Power Analyzer

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  • PA920 - without input cards
  • Power Analyzer with a Single Ultra-Precision UT Channel Card
  • UT Channel Card - Ultra-Precision Dual Shunt (1, 32A) Channel Card
  • Vitrek’s Most Powerful,
  • Accurate & Flexible Electrical
  • Power Analyzer, Providing
  • Ultra-High Accuracy (0.024%),
  • Faster Sampling Rates,
  • Bandwidth Performance and Greater Harmonic Frequencies, Yet Still Easy-To-Use and Affordable
Industry’s Easiest-To-Use Power Analyzer - Vitrek’s PA920/PA910 Series power analyzers are the
industry’s easiest-to-use power analyzer. Equipped with a full color touchscreen, the PA9xx enables
users to quickly and easily setup configurations, custom screens and interface commands.
Maximize Flexibility - The PA920 power analyzer offers expanded power analysis capabilities.
The PA920 offers 0.024% base power accuracy for the UT channel cards. Vitrek channel cards are
user friendly, store their calibration data and can be quickly swapped in the field to meet your latest
testing requirements. In addition, the PA920/PA910 provides easy channel selection for the user while
offering 100 full precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5
MHz signals.
Maximum Results - For tackling tough power factor, low phase angle and high crest factor loads,
the PA9xx power analyzers are unbeatable. Offering full performance for crest factors as high as
100:1, the PA9xx series provides superior power measurement capabilities for the toughest power
measurement applications. The PA920 also offers improved voltage and current self-heating adders
over those of the PA900 series.
Maximum Performance in a Variety of Applications - Design engineers are under constant
pressure to increase efficiency and reduce excess product power consumption down to the last
mW. Challenging programs like LED and HID lighting, solar panel energy output, efficiency testing
on inverters and PWM motor drive systems on electric vehicles—all require fast, precise, reliable
power measurement. The unequalled performance of the Vitrek PA920 gives you the competitive
advantage—the ability to accurately capture the power data you need in a flexibile, accurate,
easy-to-use power analyzer.
Modular Design = Maximum Flexibility - The PA920 Series Power Analyzers are available in both pre-configured models or can be purchased in a custom configuration to provide the performance you need at a price that meets your budget.
  • PA920 Channel Cards for use with PA920 Mainframe (0.024% Accuracy UT Card) UT Channel Card - Ultra-Precision Dual Shunt (1, 32A) Channel Card
  • UT Channel Card - Ultra-Precision Dual Shunt (1, 32A) Channel Card
  • UX Channel Card - Ultra-Precision External Current Transducer Input Channel Card
  • BT Channel Card - High Bandwidth Dual Shunt (1, 32A) Channel Card
  • BX Channel Card - High Bandwidth External Current Transducer Channel Card
  • KT Channel Card - Kilovolt (1.6kVrms Continuous) Dual Shunt (1, 32A) Channel Card
  • KX Channel Card - Kilovolt (1.6kVrms Continuous) External Current Transducer Input Channel Card
  • MT Channel Card - Motor Transducer Channel Card (Slot 4 only)
PA920 Series
  • PA920 - without input cards
  • PA921UT - with a Single Ultra-Precision UT Channel Card
  • PA922UT - with Two Ultra-Precision UT Cards
  • PA923UT - with Three Ultra-Precision UT Cards
  • PA924UT - with Four Ultra-Precision UT Cards
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