PAM-840A Com-Power Preamplifier

The PAM-840A is a 40 GHz preamplifier from Com-Power.
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  • Ultra Wideband: 18 GHz to 40 GHz
  • High Gain: 37 dB (Typical)
  • Flat Response: ± 2.5 dB
  • Low Noise Figure: 5 dB max
  • Pout @ 1 dB Gain Compression: +10 dBm
  • Battery Powered


  • The PAM-840A preamplifier increases system sensitivity enhancing the capability of measurement system to measure low level signals. It also provides input isolation to your spectrum analyzer or receiver. During EMC measurements the antennas are usually placed at a distance of 1 to 10 meters from the equipment under test. Most antennas operating above 18 GHz typically have high antenna factors. In addition, the long interconnecting cables, especially operating in the microwave frequencies have high cable loss. These factors make it difficult to distinguish low level signal from the noise floor of the spectrum analyzer / receiver. The preamplifier improves system sensitivity by amplifying the signals before they reach the spectrum analyzer / receiver input thereby improving the signal to noise ratio.

The Com-Power PAM-840A is a wideband, high gain, bench top microwave preamplifier. The PAM-840A has a frequency range of 18 GHz to 40 GHz. This preamplifier is primarily intended for EMC applications; however, it may be used for other applications that require low noise and high signal amplification. The simple front panel consists of two 50 Ohm matched air core 2.9 mm connectors for input and output. The preamplifier was designed to have flat gain with minimal variation over the entire frequency range. The flat gain helps in taking fast adhoc readings during troubleshooting, R&D phase. The high gain and low noise figure of PAM-840A increases system sensitivity of effectively all measurement systems. It is very effective in measuring low level signals during Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing. It has low VSWR and high reverse isolation.

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