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PLINE 1610 Haefely EMI Equipment

The PLINE 1610 is emi equipment from Haefely.
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  • Compact and complete test system
  • Predefined Tests and Programs
  • Testing according to IEC/EN 61000-4-11
  • Selectable current limit to protect EUT
  • Automatic Test Report generation
  • Flexible to meet individual needs
  • Remote control via RS 232 or IEEE-488
  • Centronics printer interface
  • Fully automatic testing of complex test routines


  • International application - Specifically designed to meet and exceed the requirements of IEC, EN and other standards.
  • Turnkey Test System - PLINE 1610 is complete. No additional boxes, cabling, etc. required as with most other products.
  • Easy to use - Simple test setup, no risk of operating errors.
  • Fully Compliant - PLINE 1610 Dips and Interrupts are fully compliant to the standard. No compromises, no "ifs and buts"
  • Totally reproducible test results - This ensures that the EUT is neither overtested nor undertested
  • Over- or undertesting a product may result in extensive, unnecessary costs
  • Report Generation - Fully automated test report generation


  • Dips and Interrupts according to: IEC/EN 61000-4-11 Edition 1 & Edition 2; IEC/EN 61000-6-1; IEC/EN 61000-6-2
  • Many more international product standards
  • Product development

Voltage Dips and short Interruptions are caused by faults in the network or sudden large load changes. Voltage variations are caused by continuously varying loads connected to the network.

PLINE 1610 contains all the features expected from a top quality generator in a compact solution. 

PLINE 1610 has two integrated motorized variable transformers (variacs). One transformer is used to adjust the nominal voltage, for example 230V or 120V, independently from the actual mains voltage. This is essential to ensure reproducible test results. This variac is also used for performing the voltage variations.

A second variac provides the Dips voltage level, for example 40% or 80% of the nominal voltage. In opposition to most other products, no additional external transformers, variacs, power sources, wiring etc. are required. Therefore, this totally integrated solution is easy to use and guarantees full compliance to the IEC/EN 61000-4-11 standard.

All test parameters of the PLINE 1610 can be selected in a surpassing wide range, exceeding the basic standard requirements. This also ensures that special test requirements can be fulfilled without any problems.

Up to 18 tests can be stored in the unit, and these tests can be linked in any sequence to program. Up to 18 programs can be defined and stored. Along with the transition function for all basic parameters, extremely complex test routines can also be defined and executed very comfortably.

Using the integrated BNC-monitor outputs, actual voltage and current can be displayed on a CRO without any additional equipment required.

PLINE 1610 contains a triple protection against overloads and therefore it is strengthened against overcurrents or short circuits that may be caused by the EUT during testing.

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