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PLZ603W Kikusui DC Electronic Load

The PLZ603W is a 600 watt DC electronic load from Kikusui. Simulate loading on an electronic circuit including power supply testing, ATE applications, LED testing, and more.

 Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 0-120V
  • Current: 120A
  • Power: 600W

The Kikusui PLZ603W Electronic Load has an operating voltage range of 1.5 to 120V, current range of 0 to 120A and power of 600W. The minimum operating voltage is 0.3V, but specifications can only be guaranteed at 1.5V and above.

The Kikusui PLZ-603W is useful for testing a variety of DC voltage sources such as switching power supplies, and primary and secondary batteries, or as a burn in load.

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