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PM1000 Voltech Power Analyzer


The PM1000 is a Power Analyzer from Voltech.


  • 4 Ranges (Auto or Manual): 2V to 700V (1000V peak)
  • Frequency Range: DC and 5 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Current, 4 Ranges (Auto or Manual): 20mA to 20A RMS
  • Power, 16 Ranges (Auto or Manual): 40mW to 14kW corresponding to V and A
  • Apparent Power, 16 Ranges (Auto or Manual): 40mVA to 14kVA corresponding to V and A
  • Power Factor Range: 0.000 to ±1.000
  • Voltage and Current Crest Factor Range: 1.00 to 19.9
  • Inrush Current, 3 Ranges (Auto or Manual): 0.1A to 44A Pk (110Apk optional)
  • AC Supply Frequency Range: 5 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Harmonic Analysis, 4 Ranges: 20mA to 20A RMS, RMS Voltage: 20to 700V, Frequency Range: DC, 5 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Input Terminals: 4mm Safety Sockets
  • Fully autoranging for voltage, current and frequency
  • Accurate measurements of real power (W) and apparent power (VA) even with distorted waveforms
  • Displays real power factor
  • True RMS measurement of voltage and current
  • Computes the crest factor (Pk/RMS) of input voltage and load current
  • Harmonic analysis of current and voltage waveforms for checking conformance to specifications
  • Determines peak inrush current of motors, transformers, power supplies and similar loads
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