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PM3585 Fluke Logic Analyzer


The PM3585 is a 96 Channel logic analyzer from Fluke.

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Additional Features:

  • 96 State/Timing channels
  • Timing analysis up to 200 MHz
  • State analysis up to 50 MHz
  • Glitch capture down to 3 ns
  • Six 16 Channel Pods
  • Data memory: 2Kb/channel
  • Probe Impedance: 200kO/7 pF (Typical)
  • Thresholds per 8 ch: TTL, ECL or variable (-3.0 V, +12.0 V)
  • Threshold accuracy: 150 mV or 3% of selected threshold value, whichever is greater
  • Minimum input overdrive: 250 mV or 25% of swing, whichever is greater
  • Minimum swing: 500 mV
  • Maximum input voltage: +/-50 V peak
  • Channel to channel skew: <4 ns
  • Unique dual-analysis-per-pin architecture
  • Combined state and timing data in a single acquisition
  • MS/DOS utilities for graphics and postprocessing
  • Display modes: Single screen or dual screen. Each screen section can contain data of any type or source
  • Data type: Timing waveform or State list
  • Data source: New measurement, Reference measurement or comparison of New and Reference Measurement
  • Display labels: Any labels defined in FORMAT, displayed in any order. Also time relative to trigger point and/or time-difference and clock (state lists)
  • Level display: Current levels in trigger sequence are displayed
  • Measurement cursors: R and S

The PM 3585 is a powerful device that contains two logically separate analyzers with 16-channel ranges. The PM 3585 has an exclusive dual-analysis-per-pin architecture and can store state and timing data on each of the 96 channels in a single acquisition. This means no more probing and no more repeat measurements. The PM 3585 offers state and timing capabilities powerful enough to tackle even the latest 32-bit technology. The unique dual-analysis-per-pin architecture results in the tightest coupling ever between state and timing data. 

With the 96-channel PM 3585 you can acquire all the state and timing information you need from the most advanced 32-bit microprocessors, and still have 16 channels left over for the glue logic. The analyzer has the ability to split the instrument at any 16-channel section into two logically separate analyzers. Each analyzer can measure state data using a full set of external clocks and record all the associated timing data on the same channels.

The PM 3585 contains its own data labels and its own fully functional trigger sequence. The links between the sequences are so tight that they can trigger or wait for each other (or for an external signal) at any trigger level.

State and timing can even be stopped independently without losing time correlation-particularly useful if you want to capture events widely separated by time. With the PM 3585, you could select 64 dual-channels to monitor the microprocessor and the remaining 32 to track the peripheral bus. You have two logically separate analyzers to follow the sequence being sent and received at each stage of the complex data transfers, which can help you determine whether it's the board or the peripheral that has the problem.

The PM 3585 has semi-custom ASIC technology which means a reduced parts count, and more value-for-money. The entire logic analyzer circuitry resides on a single board. It is complete with CPU, parallel printer interface, connector for an external VGA monitor and an RS232 port for diagnostics (and future options).

The PM 3585 performs an automatic self-test sequence and a de-skew procedure on all channels, each time you power it up. If it should ever develop a fault, its design-for-service construction helps the service engineer to get it up and running again in minimum time and at minimum cost. Quality during the entire lifetime of the instrument is guaranteed thanks to the extensive Boundary Scan Test (BST) facility which is built into every unit. This enables the functioning of the entire analyzer to be verified down to component level, in a minimum of time, and without requiring external equipment.

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