PNW2003 Schaffner Surge Generator

The PNW2003 is a surge generator from Schaffner.


Power Quality

  • Drop out 2ms to 99s
  • Dips to 40% and 70% of U nominal
  • Synch or asynch to power line
  • Variable dips and voltage with external variac

EUT Power

  • 12V to 250V, 16A nominal, ac and dc

The Schaffner PNW2003 is part of the System 2050, which is a highly versatile, modular, multi-role EMC test facility adaptable to meet a wide variety of test specifications, from compliance with basic national and international standards, through detailed design characterisation to compliance with manufacturers' own, more exacting EMC specifications. 

The Schaffner PNW2003 is a versatile power network quality simulator which generates drop-outs, dips, interruptions and variations. The correct functions for compliance testing are pre-programmed and no external device is needed.

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