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PNW2051 Schaffner Surge Generator

The PNW2051 is a surge generator from Schaffner.


  • Pulse form: 0.5/700µs (open-circuit); 10/700µs (open-circuit)
  • Voltage: 200V-6,600V ± 10% adjustable in 10V steps
  • Short-circuit current: 13.3A-440A ± 10% into 15W impedance; 5A-165A ± 10% into 40W impedance
  • Impedance: 15W, 40W
  • Polarity: P (positive), N (negative), A (alternating)
  • Pulse outputs: Earth-free (floating)
  • Repetition: 15s-10,000s
  • Number of pulses: 1-9,999
  • Dimensions: 410 x 212 x 262mm (D x W x H)

The pulse network module type PNW 2051, in conjunction with the NSG 2050, produces the following pulses to satisfy the requirements of the standards:

  • IEC 1000-4-5 (IEC801-5) / CCITT / NF C98-010 / etc.
  • Telecom pulse 0.5/700µs
  • 10/700µs

The Schaffner PNW2051 provides a 10/700 μs pulse, as specified in telecom applictions and also required in some industrial electronics standards, e.g. EN/IEC 61000-4-5. For higher test specifications, PNW 2051 also provides the sharper pulse rise time of 0.5 μs. The matching pulse networks, required in some applications, are available.

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