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PR261 BK Precision Probe

The PR261 is a probe from BK Precision.
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  • 150 kHz to 1.05GHz (1050MHz)
  • Dynamic Range 80dB (113dB with attenuation)
  • AM & FM demodulator included
  • 20 and 400 kHz resolution bandwidth
  • 150kHz/hour stability
  • Built-in tracking generator


  • Instruction manual and power cord.


  • 0.1MHz to 1GHz frequency range (lower frequency limit depends on probe)
  • Output impedance 50 ohms
  • Input capacitance 2pF (high impedance probe)
  • Max input level +10dBm

The BK Precision PR261 is the ideal toolkit for the investigation of RF electromagnetic fields. It is indispensable for EMI pre-compliance testing during product development, prior to third party testing. The set includes three hand-held probes with a built-in pre-amplifier covering the frequency range from 100kHz to over 1000 MHz.

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