PSM4110 Tektronix RF Sensor

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The PSM4110 is a new 8 GHz 0.1 Watts RF Sensor from Tektronix. Electronic test equipment sensors measure the power of waveforms, such as multi-tone and modulated radiofrequency (RF) waveforms. Sensors gather highly accurate modulation measurements using diode detectors.

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Additional Features:

  • 8 GHz Model
  • Models Available with N and 3.5 mm Connectors
  • Dynamic Range as Low as –60 dBm and as High as +20 dBm
  • Uncertainty as Low as 2.6%
  • Reading Rates up to 2000 Readings/s
  • Meters are Calibrated over Full Temperature Range – No zero or
    cal needed before making measurements, saving time and avoiding
    poor-quality data
  • Average Power, Duty Cycle Corrected Pulse Power, and Measurement
    Logging on All Models

Included Applications run under Microsoft Windows:

  • Power Meter Application
  • High-speed Logging Application
  • LabVIEW Drivers and Programming Examples for Most Common
  • Windows Programming Environments are Available for Automated
  • System Support
  • Max Hold and Relative Measurement Modes
  • Offset, Frequency Response, and 75 Ω Minimum Loss Pad Correction
  • Flexible Averaging Modes for Quick, Stable Measurements
  • TTL Trigger Input and Output allow Synchronization with External Instruments
  • Pass/Fail Limit Mode
  • Compact Size
  • Pulse Power, Duty Cycle, Peak Power, and Crest Factor Measurements
  • Measure Peak, Average and Minimum Power on bursts with adjustable offset and duration
  • The PSM5000 Series includes a Pulse Profiling Application for Making Measurements on Repetitive, Pulsed Signals
  • Builds and Displays a Trace of the Pulse Envelope
  • Full-trace and Gated Measurements including Pulse, Peak and Average Power, Overshoot, Crest Factor, Rise and Fall Time, Pulse Width, Pulse Repetition Frequency, Duty Cycle
  • Statistical Measurements on the Trace Data, such as Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF), and Probability Density Function (PDF)


  • General-purpose RF and Microwave Average Power Measurements
  • Characterization of repetitive pulsed signals, such as navigation,weather, and other radar
  • Peak and average power measurements on modulated signals such as SM, CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA, WiMAX up to 10 MHz
  • Peak and average power measurements of modulated pulsed communications signals
  • Level control feedback for signal sources
  • Validation and characterization of power amplifiers, switches, and other RF and Microwave Components
  • Service, maintenance, and installation of DTV, Cellular, Microwave, Radio Link, and Radiobroadcast Transmitters
  • Verification and calibration of test equipment and systems

Capable, Compact Power Sensors/Meters

The PSM3000, PSM4000, and PSM5000 Series are compact power sensors/meters that deliver fast, accurate RF and microwave power measurements. A broad range of CW and pulse modulation measurements are available, depending on the series you choose. Each meter comes with Windows Power Meter application software for controlling the meter, displaying readings, and recording data. The combination of the sensor/meter and PC provides a complete solution, eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated meter mainframe.

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