PSURGE 8000 Haefely EMI Equipment


Additional Features:

  • Controls up to 99 PIM and PCD modules
  • Supplies up to 8kV DC power to all connected PIM impulse modules
  • PIM and PCD modules connected to PSURGE 8000 via daisy-chain-bus
  • No additional extension-equipment requi red to connect additional PIM or PCD modules
  • Large memory for complex and fully automatic test routines
  • Contains all required interfaces to printer, PC, EUT, etc.

The PSURGE 8000 test system meets all your current and future surge testing requirements! A modular expandable system that grows with your application needs. The modular concept is built around a PC based host controller (the PSURGE 8000 controller) with physically and functionally independent modules for impulses (PIM #X) and coupling/decoupling (PCD #X). The system uses distributed intelligence and each module has its own application-specific program, runs internal routines and communicates with the host controller. System modules are automatically detected by the host controller, providing true plug & play functionality.

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