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PXI-4130 National Instruments PXI

The PXI-4130 is a pxi from National Instruments.

Additional Features:

SMU Channel

  • ±20 V, 2 A, isolated output
  • 4-quadrant operation - up to 10 W sinking
  • Remote (4-wire) sense
  • 5 current ranges - 2 A to 200 µA
  • 1 nA measurement resolution on the 200 µA range

Utility Channel

  • 6 V, 1 A, ground referenced
  • 120 μV/20 μA setpoint resolution
  • 16-bit voltage/current setpoint and measurement

Other Features:

  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/2000
  • Recommended Software: LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, LabWindows™/CVI, Measurement Studio
  • Other Compatible Software: Microsoft Visual Basic, C/C++
  • Driver Software (included): NI-DCPower

The NI PXI-4130 is a programmable, high-power source measure unit (SMU) in a single-slot, 3U PXI module. It has a single isolated SMU channel that offers a four-quadrant ±20 V output that incorporates remote (4-wire) sense. This channel is capable of sourcing up to 40 W in quadrants I and III and sinking up to 10 W in quadrants II and IV. With five current ranges providing measurement resolution down to 1 nA, this precision source is ideal for design validation and semiconductor test applications that require programmatic sourcing and sweeping as well as high-accuracy measurements.

The PXI-4130 also includes a utility channel that can source either current or voltage with 16-bit setpoint and measurement resolution. You can use this output, which provides up to 6 V and 1 A, as a complementary power source to the SMU channel. Applications such as transistor characterization that require accurately sourcing a constant current or voltage while sweeping another current or voltage can greatly benefit from the reduced complexity, footprint, and cost that this module offers.

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