Q8221 Advantest Optical Meter


The Q8221 is a used Optical Meter from Advantest. Engineers use optical signal generators when they want to transmit optical signals during an electronic equipment test.An optical meter is an instrument used to test and measure optical signals.

Additional Features:

  • Two-channel, Plug-In System
  • High Measurement Accuracy
  • Ensures Accuracy Over the Entire Range of Power and Wavelength
  • Three Types of High-Sensitivity Sensors Noise Level : -94 dBm
  • High Power Input Optical Sensor (Q82227) Maximum Input Power : +27 dBm
  • Low Polarization Dependency Optical Sensors (Q82232, Q82233) : 0.003 dBp-p or less
  • Sensors with Less Reflection and High-Return-Loss Adapter with Minimum Reflection
  • Large-Diameter (5-mmf) Optical Sensor (Q82216). Collective Measurement for Tape Fibers with up to 12 Cores
  • High Resolution Measurement. Display 0.001 dB/0.0001 dB GPIB Output
  • High-Speed, High-Throughput Measurement. Max. 100 Times/Second
  • Recording Function, PDL Measurement Function

The Q8221 uses a two-channel, plug-in system. Various types of optical sensors and light sources are available as plug-in units. The two channels can be used either independently or simultaneously. The Q8221 can handle a variety of applicationsby using the desired combination of optical sensors and light sources.

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