QUICKLAN 6055 HT Instruments Telecom

The QUICKLAN 6055 is a Wire Mapper Tester for LAN networks in telecom from HT Instruments.
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QUICKLAN 6055 HT Instruments Telecom

Wire Mapper Tester for LAN networks

QUICKLAN 6055 permits to perform quickly wire mapping test of LAN networks RJ45 twisted pair cables in compliance to EIA/TIA 568A/B. The meter check all eventual wrong connections (crossed, split, inverted couples, etc..), can detect problems of the cable itself (open circuits, short circuits) and shows results in a large custom display in very simple way. By using up to 8 numbered remote control units it’s also possible to detect the connection between the RJ45 sockets located in the working rooms and the ones located on the transposition panel or on the HUB. QUICKLAN 6055 is ideal for all installers who need an easy instrument for a preliminary LAN test.

QUICKLAN 6055 is an easy cable tester for LAN cables with RJ45 connector of whatsoever category. It’s able to detect cable failures and check wirings in UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and STP (Shielded – screened shielded Twisted Pair) cables.

The instrument not only identifies wiring faults, such as open wires, shorted wires, miswires and split pairs, but also tests up to 8 different cables at one end thanks to eight different optional remote units.


  • LAN wire mapper (verifier)
  • Test performed on twisted pairs cables UTP and STP with RJ45 connector
  • Wire mapping control of following wrong conditions
  • OPEN, SHORT, CROSS, REVERSE, SPLIT, MISWIRE message at display.
  • Quickly selection of cables pairs.
  • Automatic detection of remote control units (from #1 to #8).
  • Auto Power OFF
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