R2670A Motorola Service Monitor


Additional Features:

  • AM/FM Monitor Cable Fault Locator
  • AM/FM Generate Frequency Counter
  • Audio Synthesizer Digital Voltmeter
  • Spectrum Analyzer Wattmeter
  • Duplex Generator Oscilloscope
  • Sweep Generator Signal Strength Meter
  • Tracking Generator SINAD/Distortion Meter

The R-2670 features specialized, dedicated, easy-to-access test screens that are conveniently grouped together to expedite test set-up. The R-2670 accepts either customer or test key codes for encryption testing. And it now tests Project 25 compliant radios, like the Motorola ASTRO.

In addition, it includes:

  • Dedicated screen displays for convenient observation or printout of test results.
  • Innovative use of soft keys and windowing.
  • Fast reacting autoranging scales with both analog and digital readouts.
  • Signaling encode and decode functions.

All of these convenient features are built into a versatile, rugged, and compact test unit that allows you to perform many complex operations with a single unit. Because the R-2670 is rugged enough to withstand heavy activity, and can be powered by a variety of power sources, it is ideal for use in the field.

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