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R3963A Advantest Test Set


The R3963A is a test set from Advantest. An electronic equipment test set is the tool engineers use for easy, accurate characterization of radiofrequency components. These test sets are devices that enable the measurement of important electronic parameters, displaying them clearly on easy-to-read defined displays.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency Range: 40 MHz - 8 GHz

The Advantest R3963A Test Set makes it possible to switch measurement terminals on the network analyzer automatically without reconnecting the ports. The R3965/3966 Series is completely compatible with 3 port devices, allowing measurement of duplexer isolation terminals. With the 3 port full calibration function and the CAL memory for 3 ports, the R3965/3966 series delivers high-accuracy measurements without the need for connection of external PCs or other memory devices. The R396X Series comes in five different models to accommodate diverse measurement device configurations (such as test configurations specialized for duplexers and for 3 port devices). Each model comes in types A and B, for a total of 10 types. Type A models are desktop units which include the network analyzer in a single unit for stand-alone use. Type B models are compact and lightweight, ideal for system use. They are used separated from the network analyzer, near the DUT.

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