RBL100-300-2000 TDI DC Electronic Load


Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 100V
  • Current: 300A
  • Power: 2000W
  • Constant Current, Resistance, Voltage, Power
  • Operation at a Fraction of 1 Volt
  • High Speed Adjustable Slew Rate
  • Software Drivers Available
  • Master/Slave Paralleling
  • Pulse Load Shaping
  • Short Circuit Capability
  • Variable speed fans minimize fan noise
  • 5 Modes of operation: Constant Current, Constant Resistance, Constant Power, Constant Voltage, Pulse Mode
  • Full Scale Range Switching: for increased resolution and accuracy
  • Synchronized paralleling to create larger systems that are controlled simultaneously
  • Internal pulse generator with variable slew adjust for transient testing

The TDI RBL 100-300-2000 is a 2000 Watt, 100 Volt, 300 Amp DC Electronic Load. The RBL100-300-2000 single channel load is ideal for testing of large batteries, power supplies, fuel cells and other related DC power equipment. 

The high range current capability and constant power feature facilitate battery testing and analysis. The ultra-fast slew rate provides unmatched power supply transient testing capabilities. The ultra-low voltage, high current capability makes the RBL100-300-2000 an ideal solution for any fuel cell requirement.

More Information
Current300 A
Voltage100 V
Power2 kW
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