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RBL488-100-600-4000 Dynaload DC Electronic Load


The RBL488-100-600-4000 is a 4000 watt DC electronic load from Dynaload. Simulate loading on an electronic circuit including power supply testing, ATE applications, LED testing, and more.

Additional Features:

  • Voltage: 10 Volts, 50 Volts, 100 Volts
  • Current: 20 Amps, 200 Amps, 600 Amps
  • Power: 4000 Watts
  • Short Circuit: 0.003 Ohms max
  • High Speed Adjustable Slew Rate
  • Front Panel or Remote Control
  • 19 inch Rack Mount - 5U high
  • Pulse Load Shaping
  • Full Range Switching
  • Quiet Variable Speed Fans

The Dynaload RBL488-100-600-4000 is a DC Electronic Load.

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