RPL2316 Rigol Logic Probe

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Works with-

  • MSO2
  • MSO4


  • Parallel data cable - 1-off
  • Data leads - 20-off
  • Grabbers - 20-off
  • Soft carry bag - 1-off

The Rigol RPL2316 is a standard logic probe for the MSO4000 and MSO2000A. The RPL2316 connects the digital buses and signals under test to the MSO4000 series digital oscilloscope. The RPL2316 separates 16 digital channels into two branch headers, called channel group. Each header includes 8 signal channels (D0-D7 and D8-D15) plus 12 ground channels. All the channels are marked with different colors and numbers (or letters) on the probe adaptor label to identify different channels. The RPL2316 provides 8 signal leads and 12 ground leads for each header to realize flexible connection of signals and reference ground and provide better signal integrity.

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