RSA6120B Tektronix Signal Analyzer

The RSA6120B is a 20 GHz signal analyzer from Tektronix.


  • 20 GHZ
  • 40 MHz
  • 1 GB
  • High-performance spectrum analysis
  • DPX® spectrum processing provides an intuitive understanding of time-varying RF signals with color-graded displays based on frequency of occurrence
  • DPX density™ trigger activated directly from DPX display
  • Gap-free DPX spectrogram records up to 4444 days of spectral information for analysis and replay
  • Time-correlated multidomain displays for quicker understanding of cause and effect when troubleshooting


  • Spectrum management – find interference and unknown signals
  • Radar/EW – full characterization of pulsed and hopping systems
  • characterize radar and pulsed RF signals
  • RF debug – components, modules, and systems
  • Radio/Satellite communications – analyze time-variant behavior of
  • cognitive radio and software-defined radio systems
  • EMI diagnostics – increase confidence that designs will pass
  • compliance testing
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE), Cellular

The Tektronix RSA6120B is a signal analyzer.

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