S1210 Rigol Software

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  • EMI Pre-Compliance Software
  • Introduce the workspace concept; manage multiple measurements
  • Support the demo mode for you to enjoy a great user experience with the software, without connecting the instrument or obtaining a license
  • Provide data manager function for you to edit required files for the software
  • Provide amplitude correction function for you to preview the correction setting and get the calibration results in a timely manner
  • Provide pre san and final scan, support three trace display modes: "Clear/Write", "Repeat Clear/Write", and "Repeat Max Hold"
  • Provide the limit line for you to quickly judge the measurement results
  • Support segment scanning and editing for the table to accelerate the measurement speed
  • Frequency axis supports the scale display in linear or log format
  • Amplitude axis supports multiple amplitude units
  • Provide comprehensive peak search settings for you to search for the desired peaks that meet with your search conditions
  • Support importing and exporting the peak table
  • Support editing the marker table, marking any frequency point that interest you
  • Support the reference trace, easy for you to compare the measurement results
  • Support easy operation on the spectrum graph, convenient for you to analyze the results
  • Provide report generation function

Works with (Spectrum Analyzers)-

  • DSA1000
  • DSA800
  • RSA Series

The Rigol S1210 software enables engineers to control, record, automate, and report on their EMI tests. It directly controls the DSA800 spectrum analyzers and includes correction factors for other antennas, premamplifiers, LISNs, attenuators, cables, and more. Test vs. imported or custom created limit lines in real time. Automate tests with separate pre scan and final scan settings and cycle through a complete test plan if needed. This level of repeatability and reporting brings new value to pre-compliance measurements. Finding EMI issues sooner in the design process saves time and money in product development.

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