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S331C Anritsu Cable and Antenna Analyzer


The S331C is a 4 GHz cable and antenna analyzer from Anritsu. Technicians and site engineers use cable and antenna analyzers for sweep tests during and after installations. Cable and antenna analyzers are pieces of electronic test equipment that monitor wireless sites and locate problems to make repairs.

Additional Features:

  • Accurate return loss/SWR and fault location measurements
  • Accurately tests RF transmission lines and antennas
  • Superior immunity to on-channel interference for testing at co-located antenna sites
  • Multilingual user interface: German, Spanish, French,
  • Chinese, Japanese
  • Synthesizer accurate to 75 ppm
  • Internal memory saves up to 200 traces
  • Instrument configuration up to 10 configurations
  • Alphanumeric trace naming
  • Time, Date stamp
  • Field replaceable battery
  • Segmented limit lines
  • Six markers
  • Graticule lines
  • Trace overlay
  • Direct printing via RS-232 serial port
  • Remote operation via RS-232 serial port


  • Frequency range: 25 to 4000 MHz
  • Frequency resolution: 100 kHz
  • Frequency accuracy (CW mode): ± 75 ppm
  • Display data points Selectable: 130, 259, 517
  • Immunity to interfering RF signals
  • On-frequency: -5 dBm
  • On-channel: +17 dBm
  • Return loss: Range: 0 to 54 dB; Resolution: 0.01 dB
  • SWR: Range: 1 to 65; Resolution:0.01
  • Cable loss: Range: 0 to 20 dB; Resolution: 0.01 dB
  • Distance-to-fault: Vertical range: Return loss: 0 to 54 dB, SWR: 1 to 65
  • Horizontal range (meter): 0 to (# of data points –1) x resolution, where data points = 130, 259 or 517
  • Horizontal resolution, rectangular windowing resolution (meter): (1.5 x 108)


Cellular, ISM, PCS/PCN, paging service, safety service, avionics, two-way radio, military, and microwave point-to-point radio. Site Master allows implementation of preventative maintenance procedures. Unlike TDRs and spectrum analyzers/tracking generators, Site Master can spot RF degradation before failures occur. Problems can be fixed before expensive cables or waveguides are ruined. Site Master is designed for field requirements. Its rugged construction survives rough field treatment. Battery power, light weight, small size, wide temperature range, and simple user interface are exactly what field technicians want today. Technicians can test antennas from ground level because Site Master’s distance-to-fault measurement compensates for cable insertion loss. Furthermore, spectrum analysis, available in certain Site Master models, allows technicians and field engineers to quickly identify and solve common RF system problems, such as coverage, interference, and other path related signal problems. Site Master offers a new and better method to install and maintain transmission lines and antennas.

Site Master is the instrument of choice for transmission line/antenna installation and maintenance. It is the best way to reduce maintenance expenses and improve quality. It replaces stacks of heavy, expensive, and complex test equipment. Site Master’s frequency domain reflectometry technique allows it to locate faults before they become catastrophic faults, thereby creating huge cost savings.

The Site Master is a precision, hand-held return loss/SWR and fault location measurement instrument. The Site Master series offers wide frequency coverage, from 2 MHz to 20 GHz. Built-in fault location, RF power monitor, bias tee, and spectrum analysis capabilities are available. Light weight, rugged design, and wide temperature range make them ideal for field applications. Site Master’s proprietary design provides superior immunity to on-channel RF interference, which is important for live site testing.

Site Master Software Tools is a Windows® compatible software program provided with every Site Master unit. This software program provides many useful features, including a database for Site Master measurements, Smith Chart display of S11, zoom capability, a “drag-n-drop” overlay for measurement comparison, the capability to download data to a PC, the capability to upload data such as custom cable list or traces to selected Site Master model, and distance-to-fault calculation from return loss or SWR plots.

Advanced printing capabilities are provided by Site Master Software Tools including user definable plot scaling and a multiple plots per page option. Site Master is the first test tool to provide the required accuracy, interference immunity, and repeatability for transmission line/antenna commissioning, and maintenance of today’s wireless systems infrastructures.

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