S820A Anritsu Cable and Antenna



  • Frequency Range: 3.3-20 GHz
  • Frequency Accuracy (Fixed CW On): ≤ 3 ppm at +25 ºC
  • Frequency Resolution: 10 kHz (100 kHz for Distance-to-Fault)
  • Output Power (from RF Out Port): <0 dBm (at any particular frequency)
  • Immunity to Interfering Signals: on-channel +13 dBm; on-frequency –10 dBm
  • Measurement speed: Return Loss, SWR, DTF: ≤ 2 sec/sweep for 517 data points (CW ON); ≤ 4 sec/sweep for 517 data points (CW OFF)
  • Number of data points: 130, 259, 517
  • Return Loss: Range: 0.00 to 60.00 dB; Resolution 0.01 dB
  • VSWR: Range 1.00 to 65.53; Resolution 0.01
  • Coax/Waveguide (1-port) Insertion Loss: Range 0.00 to 30.00 dB; Resolution 0.01 dB

The Site Master S820A is a precision, hand-held return loss/SWR and fault location measurement instrument. Built-in fault location, RF power monitor, bias tee, and spectrum analysis capabilities are available. Light weight, rugged design, and wide temperature range make them ideal for field applications. Site Master’s proprietary design provides superior immunity to on-channel RF interference, which is important for live site testing.

Site Master Software Tools is a Windows compatible software program provided with every Site Master unit. This software program provides many useful features, including a database for Site Master measurements, Smith Chart display of S11, zoom capability, a “drag-n-drop” overlay for measurement comparison, the capability to download data to a PC, the capability to upload data such as custom cable list or traces to selected Site Master model, and distance-to-fault calculation from return loss orSWRplots. Advanced printing capabilities are provided by Site Master Software Tools including user definable plot scaling and a multiple plots per page option.

Site Master is the first test tool to provide the required accuracy, interference immunity, and repeatability for transmission line/antenna commissioning, and maintenance of today’s wireless systems infrastructures.

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Frequency20 GHz
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