SFG-1003 Instek Function Generator

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The SFG-1003 is a Function Generator from Instek. A function generator is a type of signal generator people use to generate many kinds of electrical waveforms over a range of frequencies. A function generator is a type of electronic test equipment that produces sine, triangular, square, and sawtooth shape waveforms. The user can make these waveforms single-shot, using a trigger source, or repetitive, based on use. This kind of signal generator uses integrated circuits to create waveforms. Function generators cover both RF and Microwave frequencies.

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Additional Features:

  • Frequency Range: 0. 1 Hz ~ 3 MHz
  • DDS Technology and FPGA Design
  • High Frequency Accuracy: ±20ppm
  • High Frequency Stability: ±20ppm
  • Max. Frequency Resolution: 100 mHz
  • Low Distrortion Sine Wave: -55dBc, 0. 1 Hz~200 kHz
  • Accessories: User Manual, Power Cord, GTL-101

The Instek SFG-1003 is an economic function generator with high accuracy and high stability output and is designed based on the DDS (Direct Digital Synthesized) technology embedded in a large scale FPGA. 

The frequency range of 3 MHz and the output waveform selection of Sine, Square, Triangle and TTL of SFG-1003 adequately provides the fundamental features to ensure high confidence for the test results. The DDS technology at an affordable price gives a high value solution to the users who need a signal source for accurate but unsophisticated measurement applications.

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