SMB200 Spirent Analyzer


Additional Features:

The Spirent Smartbits 200 is used to test network devices and complex network configurations, including 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM and Frame Relay. It can be used for measuring the performance limits of an emerging technology in a development lab to the largest enterprise network. The Spirent Communications Smartbits 2000 chassis can be configured with any combination of up to 20 single slot Smart Cards.  Two platforms are available.  The Spirent SMB-200 4-slot chassis and the Spirent SMB-2000 20-slot chassis. The Spirent Smartbits 200 is used to perform end to end testing to check for network trouble spots and weaknesses. It also can be used to test end to end performance to monitor throughput and prevent network overload. A PC workstation provides remote control through the Internet or local control via an RS-232 port. One workstation can control up to eight Smartbits stacks.

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