SR570 Stanford Research Preamplifier

The SR570 is a 100 kHz Preamplifier from Stanford Research. An amplifier is a type of electronic test equipment that amplifies radiofrequency (RF) and microwave signals using the antenna. Amplifiers are ideal when used for electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing, cell phones, microwaves, radio communications, and other such applications.

Additional Features:

  • 5 fA/√Hz input noise
  • 1 MHz maximum bandwidth
  • 1 pA/V maximum gain
  • Adjustable bias voltage
  • Two configurable signal filters
  • Variable input offset current
  • Line or battery operation
  • RS-232 interface

The SR570 is a low-noise current preamplifier capable of current gains as large as 1 pA/V.High gain and bandwidth,low noise, and many convenient features make the SR570 ideal for a variety of photonic, low-temperature and other measurements.

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