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SUNSET T3 Sunrise Telecom Communication Analyzer

The SUNSET T3 is a communication analyzer from Sunrise Telecom. A communication analyzer is a superior type of electronic test equipment for physical layer, circuit, and new technology testing. Anyone in the business of testing data networks can use a communication analyzer for the measurement and monitoring of equipment.

Additional Features:

  • Protocols testing including ISDN PRI
  • In-service and out-of-service testing
  • Multiplexing capabilities
  • Transmission measurements
  • Talk/listen and dialing
  • Digital analysis

The Sunrise Telecom SunSet T3 gives you a broad range of DS3/1/0 and optional E1 test capabilities in a convenient handheld package. You can easily carry this set right to the point of digital circuit access -- anywhere in your central office, at unmanned locations, out on the T1 span, or at the customer premises. Simple menus let you speed through test operations. DS3/1 transmit and receive provide you with just what is needed for DS3 and DS1 acceptance testing, out-of-service troubleshooting, in-service performance monitoring, and single-channel M13 multiplexing. When making measurements, 16 simultaneously displayed test results let you quickly find what you need without excessive scrolling.

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