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SW1750A Elgar AC Source

The SW1750A is a 1750 VA AC Source from Elgar. AC Sources supply AC voltage and current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. applications include Research, Design, ATE applications, and QA to name a few.

Additional Features:

  • Output Power: 1750VA
  • Frequency range: 47 to 63 Hz
  • Powerful Waveshape and Waveform Creation
  • Compliance testing for Airbus, DO-160 and Boeing standards
  • 2 Hz to 6 kHz standard output frequencies
  • Crest factors up to 4
  • Parallel up to 22.2KVA
  • 1ø to 3ø programmable
  • BNC outputs for scope viewing of waveforms (1 MΩLoad Drive)
  • Sequence Programming
  • AC and/or DC Output
  • Graphic LCD Display
  • Powerful DSP2 Waveform Programming
  • Flexibility in Power Ranges
  • Waveshape Library

The Elgar SW1750A can easily create fractional or multi-cycle dropouts, spikes, surges, sags and distorted waveforms from the front panel. The Elgar SmartWave™ (SW) Series of AC power sources offers powerful waveform creation for ATE and power line disturbance simulation testing. Three separate arbitrary waveform generators enable the SmartWave to create independent, complex waveforms on all three phases simultaneously. The SmartWave is designed to meet waveform requirements including DC content (up to 312V), low distortion (THD 0.25% to 100 Hz), low noise and ripple, plus full compliance testing to many EMC and avionics standards.

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