SYS-222A Audio Precision Analyzer



Audio Precision System One+DSP (SYS-222A) analog domain test set with all the capability of the SYS-22, plus DSP modules for generation and analysis of multitone signals (FASTTEST), FFT spectrum analysis, waveform display, MLS (maximum length sequence) quasi-anechoic acoustic testing, and individual harmonic analysis.

The Audio Precision System One + DSP (SYS-222) Analog Domain Audio Test Set generates and analyzes all signals via analog hardware. The System One + DSP (SYS-222) measures amplitude, level, ratio, crosstalk, bandpass amplitude, frequency, phase, THD+N, and optionally IMD and wow and flutter.

Analog generator specifications include distortion residual specification of -106 dB and flatness of ±0.03 dB over a 20 kHz bandwidth.

Analog analyzer specs feature residual noise of less than 1.5 microvolt (-114 dBu), flatness of ±0.03 dB, and analyzer THD+N of -100 dB (0.001%).

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