T-BERD 209A Acterna Communication Analyzer


Additional Features:

  • Identifies jitter; performs both highband and wideband measurements
  • Auto configuration and results summary provide immediate identification of framing, pattern, and error status
  • Supports CSU/NIU emulation for isolation of customer premises and network equipment
  • Includes automated and user-configurable stress pattern testing 
  • Performs G.821, B8ZS, and Fractional T1 error analysis
  • Measures and analyzes pulse shape
  • Brightly lit front panel display is ideally suited for low light testing environments
  • Lead acid battery enables technician to test anywhere for up to five hours without power generators or cords
  • Repeater Power Supply, T1 Repeater Extender, and Thermal Graphics Printer economically add versatility to the TTC Acterna 209A

The Acterna T-BERD 209A is a complete test and measurement solution for technicians who install, test, monitor, and maintain T1 links and equipment.

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