T0050102399 Weller Soldering Tip

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  • RTP 004 S MS-Article number: T0050102399
  • RT Pico tip, chisel Ø 0.4 × 0.2 mm, MIL-SPEC
  • High performance active tip RT Pico MIL-SPEC for smallest micro components: 0402 down to 01005
  • RT Pico Soldering Tips for WXPP / WXPP MS Soldering Pencils
  • Made of the smallest precision soldering applications (Aerospace, Military (only MS versions), Electronics, Sensors, Medical devices, Automotive)
  • MIL-SPEC / IPC standard (potential free, MS versions)
  • Short tip-to-grip distance for maximum precision
  • Tip shape: Chisel shape
  • Tip type: MS
  • Width in mm: 0.4
  • Width in inches: 0.016
  • Thickness in mm: 0.2
  • Thickness in inches: 0.008
  • Length mm: 16.3
  • Length inches: 0.642
  • Power: 40 W
  • Reduces risk of damage to sensitive micro components and workpieces
  • No rework, lower total cost of ownership
  • Active tip technology Fastest heat-up and recovery time, sensor close to the solder tip, excellent heat transfer
  • No downtime, continuing workflow, excellent results
  • Digital tool for data storage Motion activated usage sensor for energy control and data storage
  • Patented tip & grip design Only soldering tip on the market which can be changed without a tool
  • 20% faster change than leading competitors
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