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Weller T0052704099N

WSB80, Solder Bath, 80W, Accessory for WD1, WD2, WD1M and WD2M Pwr Units

The WSB80 is a very useful rework preparation tool. The solder bath is temperature controlled continuously from 150°F to 850°F via an existing 80 W power unit (sold separately). The solder bath can be used to tin wire ends and clean leads of all extraneous solder particles in preparation for reworking. (Usable with lead free solder.) Compatible with WD1, WD1M, WD2, WD2M, WRS3000, or WR3M power units.


  • For tin coating and preparation of electronics components and leads
  • Also used to clean excess solder from component leads
  • Compatible with lead free solders

Technical data WSB80:

  • Fits Station: WD1/WD2/WD1M/WD2M/WRS3000
  • Wattage: 80 W
  • Temperature Range: 150° F to 850° F
  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Supplied Tip(s): None
  • Iron Stand: None
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