T0052919099N Weller Soldering Iron

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  • WMRP Set-article number: T0052919099N
  • Micro soldering iron WMRP with safety rest
  • Compatible with WT2M, WD1M / WD2M series soldering stations and WR3M / WR3ME series rework stations
  • Made of aluminum with chrome plating and weighs just 75g
  • The "tip to grip" distance is just 45 mm, placing you close to the work
  • The pencil powers down when placed in the tool holder to extend tip life
  • Compatible with WDH 50 safety rest (order no. 0051515699)
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components


  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Power: 40 W (55 W with RT 11)
  • Heating time (approx.) in seconds (50–350 °C/120–660 °F): 3
  • Safety rest: T0051515699
  • Active Tip heating element technology: on
  • Temperature range °C: 100 - 450
  • Temperature range °F: 150 - 950
  • Supply unit: WD 1M, WR 3M, WD 3M
  • Temperature range (depends on tool) °C: 93 - 454
  • Temperature range (depends on tool) °F: 200 - 850

The Weller T0052919099 WMRPSET WMRP is a 55W Micro Soldering Iron with RT3 Tip & WDH50 Stand for WD1M/WD2M/WR3M.

The WMRPSET features a temperature range of 200°F to 850°F, a "tip to grip" distance of just 45 mm that places you close to the work, and a voltage rating of 12V. Additionally, the WMRPSET is made of aluminum with chrome plating weighing just 75g, is ESD-Safe and is compatible with the D1M/WD2M series soldering stations and WR3M/WR3ME series rework stations, as well as the WDH50 Safety Rest.

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Power40 W
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