T0052919399N Weller Soldering Iron

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The T0052919399N is a 120 W soldering iron from Weller.
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  • WP 120: Soldering iron 120 W, 24 V with Power-Response Heating Technology-Article number: T0052919399N
  • For small and large components (High Mass) with high energy demand
  • Allrounder for WT stations and WR rework stations
  • Interchangeable XT soldering tips at low cost prices
  • Power Response heating technology with improved sensor position
  • Fast reaction time


  • Supply Voltage: 24 VAC
  • Power Rating: 120 W
  • Warm Up Time: approx. 14 sec.
  • 50ºC - 350ºC (120°F - 660°F)
  • Max. Temp.: 450ºC (840°F)
  • Usable With: all 120 W power units WD 1M, WD 2M, WR 3M, WR 2

The WP 120 soldering iron is characterized by fast heat up and precise control of the soldering tip temperature. A particularly powerful 120 W heating element assures excellent dynamic performance. The combination of slim design and short distance from handle to soldering tip means that universal application are possible, from extremely fine soldering tasks to much heavier tasks requiring high temperatures and high thermal capacity.

Tip grounding is designed into the soldering iron. With an ESD safe, anti-static handle and cordset, the WP 120 satisfies all EOS and ESD requirements.

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