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T0052922899 Weller Soldering Iron

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Weller T005292289

The Weller WXPPMS handle (T0052922899) is designed for work with very small components, as well as work under a microscope. The WXPPMS is compatible with RT Pico mil-spec tips and WX stations. Please note, this handle requires mil-spec tips.

Features include:

  • Designed for use with very small package sizes (0402 down to 01005)
  • Short tip to grip distance
  • Parameter memory such as standby temperatures, automatic switch-off time
  • Reduces total costs of ownership due to motion sensor
  • RT Pico solder tips can be changed quickly and easily
  • Active Tip (Cartridge)-System allows exchange of soldering tip despite a hot soldering iron
  • Extremely short heating time
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Power40 W
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