TCA-1MEG Tektronix Probe Amplifier

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  • TekConnect Interface Delivers Superior Signal Fidelity, Unparalleled Versatility and Ease-of-use
  • Input Coupling: DC/AC/GND
  • Input Impedance: 1 MΩ/10 pF
  • Bandwidth: DC to > 500 MHz
  • Bandwidth Limiting: Full/100 MHz/20 MHz
  • Includes P6139A, 500 MHz, 10X Passive Probe


Verification, Characterization and Debug of Sophisticated Designs in Communications, Computer and Semiconductor Electronic Environments

  • Jitter and Timing Analysis (Computer Systems)
  • Disk Drive Analysis
  • Investigation of Transient Phenomena
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Power Supplies/Inverters (Switching and Linear)
  • Semiconductor Devices (SCRs, IGBTs, FETs, CMOS)
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Industrial/Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Communications (Phone, Satellite, Relay Stations)
  • Motor Drives
  • Transportation Systems (Electronic Vehicles, Electric Trains, Locomotives, Avionics)

The Tektronix TCA-1MEG high-impedance buffer amplifier system extends the capabilities of Tektronix high-performance oscilloscopes, making them ideal for a variety of general purpose measurements. The TCA-1MEG amplifier system provides a 1 MΩ path that is easily removed and replaced with a wide array of TekConnect probes, amplifiers and adapters.

This amplifier system delivers versatility to Tektronix high-performance oscilloscopes through the addition of input coupling (selectable), bandwidth limit (selectable), and a 1 MΩ input that provides access to a wide array of measurement solutions. These solutions include general-purpose passive probes, high voltage probes (passive single-ended and active differential), micro-volt differential probes and current probes.

With this tool, Tektronix high-performance oscilloscopes may now perform measurements such as primary and secondary power supply voltage levels, currents and elevated voltages, and assess the power requirements of the device-under-test.

For today’s high-speed measurement solutions, having the 50 Ω and 1 MΩ terminations on the same input path compromises signal fidelity. By making the 1 MΩ path replaceable, the TCA-1MEG high impedance buffer amplifier system eliminates a permanent degradation of the high-speed signal path. This also allows users to easily and quickly configure each channel for the input characteristics required for their measurements. By exchanging the TCA-1MEG for a high-performance 50 Ω path or other high-speed probing solution, maximum signal fidelity is maintained at the oscilloscope’s input.

Tek Connect Interface Delivers Superior Signal Fidelity, Unparalleled Versatility and Ease-of-use

The TekConnect interface ensures superior signal fidelity with useful bandpass up to 18 GHz at the oscilloscope input, while offering unparalleled versatility with the world’s widest array of accessory signal acquisition solutions for high-performance, real-time oscilloscopes.

This interface delivers a more robust oscilloscope interface for next-generation products with multi-GHz analog bandwidths, overcoming many of the inherent bandwidth limitations of BNC-based interfaces. The TekConnect interface preserves a low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) 50 Ω environment as well as a reliable electrical connection. A convenient, one-button release and locking mechanism provides quick, easy installation and removal of probes, amplifiers and adapters.

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