TCP0030 Tektronix Current Probe

The TCP0030 is a Current Probe from Tektronix. Current Probes are an integral part of any electrical power testing toolbox to ensure accurate measurements, reliability, and safety. Purchase a current probe set with your oscilloscope. Probes can use pulse waveforms to test components without removing them from circuits with in-circuit capabilities. Choose the probe that complements your system. We carry new and used current probes from major industry brands.

Additional Features:

  • DC to >120 MHz Bandwidth
  • Rise Time: ≤2.92 ns
  • Max RMS Current: 30 A
  • Max Peak Pulse Current: 50 A
  • Minimum Sensitivity: 1 mA (on oscilloscopes that support; 1 mV/div setting)
  • AC Coupling (on oscilloscopes that support AC/DC coupling)
  • Current Ranges: 5 A and 30 A
  • Max Bare Wire Voltage: Use insulated wire only
  • Easy to Use and Accurate AC/DC Current Measurements
  • Connects Directly to DPO7000 and DPO4000 Series Oscilloscopes Using the New TekVPI™ Probe Interface
  • Provides Automatic Units Scaling and Readout on the Oscilloscope Display
  • Split-core Construction Allows Easy Circuit Connection
  • High Accuracy with Typically Less than 1% DC Gain Error
  • Low Noise and DC Drift
  • Easy to Degauss and Autozero
  • Setup Controls and Probe Status/Diagnostic Indicators Are Provided on Both the Probe Hardware and Via an Easy-to-Access Oscilloscope UI Display Menu
  • Safety Certified for U.S. and Canada


  • Power Supplies
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Power Inverters/Converters
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Industrial/Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Communications
  • Motor Drives
  • Transportation Systems

TCP0030 is a high-performance, easy-to-use AC/DC current probe designed for use and direct connection (without the need of an additional power supply) to the TekVPI probe interface used on Tektronix’ new DPO7000 and DPO4000 Series Oscilloscopes. This AC/DC current measurement probe provides greater than 120 MHz of bandwidth with selectable 5 A and 30 A measurement ranges. It also provides exceptional low current measurement capability and accuracy to current levels as low as 1 mA, important for meeting today’s challenging current measurement needs.

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