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TDS2024C Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope

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The TDS2024C is a 200 MHz, 4 channel digital oscilloscope from Tektronix. Measure voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component to display amplitude, frequency and rise times, etc. Applications include troubleshooting, production test, and design.

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Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 200 MHz
  • 4 Channel
  • 2 GS/s Sample Rate on All Channels
  • 2.5k point Record Length on All Channels
  • Advanced Triggers including Pulse Width Trigger and Line-selectable Video Trigger
  • 16 Automated Measurements, and FFT Analysis for Simplified Waveform Analysis
  • Built-in Waveform Limit Testing
  • Automated, Extended Data Logging Feature
  • Autoset and Signal Auto-ranging
  • Built-in Context-sensitive Help
  • Probe Check Wizard
  • Multiple-language User Interface
  • 5.7 in. (144 mm) Active TFT Color Display
  • Small Footprint and Lightweight-only 124 mm (4.9 inches) deep


  • USB 2.0 Host Port on the Front Panel for Quick and Easy Data Storage
  • USB 2.0 Device Port on Rear Panel for Easy Connection to a PC or Direct Printing to a PictBridge®-compatible Printer
  • Includes National Instrument’s LabVIEW SignalExpress™ TE Limited Edition and Tektronix OpenChoice® Software for Connecting Your Bench

Standard Accessories:

  • TPP0201: 200 MHz passive probe
  • Power Cord
  • NIM/NIST: Traceable Certificate of Calibration
  • Documentation: User Manual
  • OpenChoice PC Communications Software
  • National Instruments SignalExpress Tektronix Edition Interactive Measurement Software – Base Version
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Covers labor and parts for defects in materials and workmanship for a minimum of 10 years, excluding probes and accessories

With models offering two or four channels and bandwidth ranging between 50 MHz and 200 MHz, the Tektronix TDS2000C Series provides engineers the much-needed performance at an affordable price. Each model in the TDS2000C Series delivers digital real-time sampling with each channel offering at least 10X oversampling. Unlike other competing oscilloscopes in the market, the sample rate of the TDS2000C does not reduce as users turn on additional channels, effectively ensuring that every channel accurately captures signals up to the oscilloscope’s full bandwidth.

The user interface includes an auto set menu, built-in help system, probe check wizard, and optimized instrument setup and operation. Features include advanced triggering to quickly capture events coupled with advanced math capabilities and now 16 automated measurements for fast analysis.

Capabilities added in the TDS2000C series designed to boost productivity include data logging and limit testing. After a user has configured trigger conditions, data logging makes it possible for the oscilloscope to save all the triggered waveforms together with time stamp information to a USB flash drive within a user-defined duration (up to 8 hours). This is useful for applications that require engineers to monitor devices for long time periods for characterization and stress testing while saving the measurement results for later analysis.

Tektronix is also introducing a range of passive probes for the TDS2000C series. These provide reduced circuit loading which the company says is typically ranked as the top requirement by customers. Input capacitance is 12pF and the small form factor includes a 3.8mm probe head which allows for probing in tight spaces and better visibility of the points being measured.

The probe meets UL strict guidelines for product safety and has a longer sharper tip to probe the finer geometry parts. Multi-packs with 10 or 50 probes are available for use in maintenance and education and which reduce prices by up to 20 percent per probe.

Performance You Need at a Price You Can Afford

The TDS2000C Digital Storage Oscilloscope Series provides you with affordable performance in a compact design. Packed with standard features – including USB connectivity, 16 automated measurements, limit testing, data logging, and context-sensitive help – the TDS2000C Series oscilloscopes help you get more done, in less time.

Digital Precision for Accurate Measurements

With up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 2 GS/s maximum sample rate, no other digital storage oscilloscope offers as much bandwidth and sample rate for the price. Tektronix proprietary sampling technology provides real-time sampling with a minimum of 10X oversampling on all channels, all the time to accurately capture your signals. Sampling performance is not reduced when using multiple channels.

Critical Tools for Troubleshooting Your Device

Advanced triggers – rising/falling edge, pulse width, and video – help you quickly isolate your signals of interest. Once you’ve captured a signal, advanced math capabilities and automated measurements can speed your analysis. Quickly perform an FFT or add, subtract, or multiple waveforms. Sixteen automated measurements quickly and reliably calculate important signal characteristics such as frequency or rise time, while the built-in Limit Test function enables you to easily identify problems in your signal.

Designed to Make Your Work Easy

The TDS2000C Series oscilloscopes are designed with the ease of use and familiar operation you have come to expect from Tektronix.

Intuitive Operation

The intuitive user interface with dedicated per-channel vertical controls, auto-setup, and auto-ranging makes these instruments easy to use, reducing learning time and increasing efficiency.

Help When You Need It, Where You Need It

The built-in Help menu provides you with important information on your oscilloscope’s features and functions. Help is provided in the same languages as the user interface.

Probe Check Wizard

Check out your probe compensation before making measurements with just one button that starts a fast, easy procedure.

Limit Test

The oscilloscope can automatically monitor source signals and output Pass or Fail results by judging whether the input waveform is within predefined boundaries. Specific actions can be triggered on violation including stopping waveform acquisition, stopping Limit Test functions, saving the failed waveform data or screen image to a USB memory device, or any combination of the above. This is an ideal solution for manufacturing or service applications where you need to make decisions quickly.

Flexible Data Transfer

The USB host port on the front panel enables you to save your instrument settings, screenshots, and waveform data in a flash. The built-in Data Logging feature means you can set up your oscilloscope to save user-specified triggered waveforms to a USB memory device for up to 24 hours. You can also select the "Infinite" option for continuous waveform monitoring. With this mode, you can save your triggered waveforms to an external USB memory device without a duration limitation until the memory device is full. The oscilloscope will then guide you to insert another USB memory device to continue saving waveforms.

Easy PC Connectivity

Easily capture, save, and analyze measurements results by connecting to your PC with the rear-panel USB device port and the included copy of OpenChoice PC Communications Software. Simply pull screen images and waveform data into the stand-alone desktop application or directly into Microsoft Word and Excel. Alternatively, if you prefer not to use your PC, you can simply print your image directly to any PictBridge-compatible printer.

Connect Your Bench for Intelligent Debug

Every TDS2000C Series oscilloscope ships with an included copy of the Limited Tektronix Edition of National Instrument’s LabVIEW SignalExpress for basic instrument control, data logging, and analysis. SignalExpress supports the range of Tektronix bench instruments enabling you to connect your entire test bench. You can then access the feature-rich tools packed into each instrument from one intuitive software interface. This allows you to automate complex measurements requiring multiple instruments, log data for an extended period of time, time-correlated data from multiple instruments, and easily capture and analyze your results, all from your PC. Only Tektronix offers a connected test bench of intelligent instruments to simplify and speed debug of your complex design.

Performance You Can Count On

In addition to industry-leading service and support, every TDS2000C Series oscilloscope comes backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty as standard.

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