TDS2CMAX Tektronix Module

The TDS2CMAX is a module from Tektronix. This module is used with Tektronix oscilloscopes to provide more measurement capabilites.

Additional Features:

  • Communications Extension Module, (RS-232, GPIB, Centronics)
  • For the TDS1000 & TDS2000 Series Oscilloscopes

The Tektronix TDS2CMAX Communications Module permits the Tektronix TDS200, TDS1000 and TDS2000 series oscilloscopes to communicate with other instruments, computers and printers through RS-232 serial, GPIB (IEEE_488) and Centronics-type parallel printer ports. Both the RS-232 and GPIB ports feature full programmability including full talk/listen modes and and control of all modes, settings and measurements. RS-232 is supported at baud rates up to 19,200 using a 9-pin, female-female null modem cable.

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