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TDS3054C Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope

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The TDS3054C is a 500 MHz, 4 channel digital oscilloscope from Tektronix.

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  • Bandwidth:500 MHz 
  • 4 Channels
  • 5 GS/s Maximum Real-time Sample Rate, with sin(x)/x Interpolation
  • 10 k standard record length on all channels
  • 3,600 wfms/s continuous waveform capture rate
  • Suite of advanced triggers
  • Front panel USB host port for easy storage and transfer of measurement data
  • 25 automatic measurements
  • FFT standard
  • Multiple language user interface 
  • WaveAlert® automatic waveform anomaly detection
  • TekProbe® interface supports active, differential and current probes for automatic scaling and units
  • Lightweight design for easy transport
  • Optional internal battery operation provides up to three hours without line power


  • Digital Design and Debug
  • Video Installation & Service
  • Power Supply Design
  • Education and Training
  • Telecom Mask Testing
  • Manufacturing Test
  • General Bench Testing

Standard Accessories:

  • Probes: P6139B 500 MHz 10x passive probe, one per channel
  • Front protective cover
  • Accessory tray
  • Documentation CD: Contains User Manuals in all languages
  • Front panel overlay: Translated front panel overlay. Specify language option.
  • Installation and Safety Manual
  • Power cord: Specify power plug option.
  • OpenChoice® PC connectivity software: Enables fast and easy communication between Windows PC and the TDS3000C Series through LAN, GPIB, or RS-232. Transfer and save settings, waveforms, measurements, and screen images
  • Traceable Certificate of Calibration: NIM/NIST
  • Warranty: Three year warranty covering all labor and parts, excluding probes and accessories

Optional Application Modules for Specialized Analysis

  • Advanced Analysis Module
  • Limit Testing Module
  • Telecommunications Mask Testing Module
  • Extended Video Module

DPOs provide greater level of insight into complex signals
The TDS3000C Series offers fast waveform capture rates on a continuous basis that save you time by quickly revealing the nature of faults, so advanced triggers can be applied to isolate them.

Real-time intensity grading highlights the details about the history of a signal's activity, making it easier to understand the characteristics of the waveforms you've captured. Unlike other comparable oscilloscopes, the history remains even after the acquisition has been stopped.

Quickly debug and characterize signals with DRT sampling technology and sin (x)/x interpolation
The TDS3000C Series combines unique digital real-time (DRT) sampling technology with sin(x)/x interpolation to allow you to accurately characterize a wide range of signal types on all channels simultaneously. With the TDS3000C Series there is no change in sampling rate when additional channels are turned on, unlike other comparable oscilloscopes. This sampling technology makes it possible to capture high-frequency information, such as glitches and edge anomalies, that elude other oscilloscopes in its class, while sin(x)/x interpolation ensures precise reconstruction of each waveform.

Look for unintentional circuit noise with the TDS3000C series’ FFT capability. Custom video triggering allows the TDS3000C Series to trigger on standards such as RS-343 (26.2 kHz scan rate).

The TDS3000C Series provides breakthrough test speeds for telecommunications line card testing. The telecom QUICKMENU puts all the commonly used telecom test functions on a single menu.

Easy to setup and use
When working under tight deadlines, you need your oscilloscope to be intuitive; you want to minimize time spent learning and relearning how to use it. The TDS3000C Series oscilloscopes help reduce your learning curve. Simple navigation and dedicated front-panel controls get you to where you want to be quickly, so that you spend less time learning and more time on the task at hand. The TDS3000C series with the TDS3LIM module is ideal for manufacturing test applications where fast Go/No-Go decisions are required.

Simple documentation and analysis
The TDS3000C Series comes equipped with a USB host port so you can easily store and transfer measurement information to your PC.
OpenChoice® PC Communication Software allows you to simply pull screen images and waveform data into a standalone desktop application or directly into Microsoft Word and Excel.

If you prefer not to use a PC for analysis, the TDS3000C Series comes standard with 25 automatic measurements, waveform add, subtract, divide, and multiply math functions, and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Unlike other comparable oscilloscopes, the TDS3000C Series math and measurement allows you to use the full acquisition record length or isolate a specific occurrence within an acquisition.

Instrument control
Utilizing the built-in ethernet port, e*Scope web-based remote control allows you to a control TDS3000C series oscilloscope from anywhere, using the internet and your PC.

Work where you need to
The TDS3000C Series packs the power of a DPO in a compact design that is only 5.9 in. (149 mm) deep, freeing up valuable benchtop space. And when you need to move your oscilloscope to another lab, its portable 7 lb. (3.2 kg) design makes for easy transport. If your work demands even more mobility, then the optional battery pack will give you up to three hours of operation without line power.

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