TDS620A Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope


Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 500 MHz
  • 2 Channels
  • Sample Rate: 2 GSa/s
  • Record Length: 2000 pts
  • Time Interval, 2 ns Glitch, Runt, Pattern and State Triggering
  • HDTV Video Triggering
  • 1 mV/divto 10V/div Sensitivity
  • Infinite and Variable Persistence Displays
  • 8-Bit Vertical Resolution
  • Vertical Accuracy to 1.5%
  • FFT, Integration and Differentiation
  • 25 Automatic Measurements
  • Monochrome Display
  • 3.5 in. DOS Format Floppy Drive
  • Waveform Pass/Fail Testing
  • RS-232, Centronics Optional
  • GPIB and VGA I/O Ports


  • Manufacture Testing
  • Digital Design and Debug
  • Analog Design and Debug
  • Research

The Tektronix TDS620A is designed to keep pace with evolving needs in digital design as well as manufacturing test, R&D and telecommunication applications.

The Tektronix TDS620A is a high-performance, digital real-time oscilloscope that combines high bandwidth with ultra-fast sampling across all channels to streamline performance verification and debug of high speed digital circuits.

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More Information
Frequency500 MHz
Record Length2 kPts
Sampling Rate2 GS/s
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